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I have used Maya for 3D modellin, animation, Texturing, lighting and rendering for the past 5 years. Over the years my knowledge of the software has built up. Some of the most important aspects I learnt has been lighting and rendering using arnold and other ray trace render systems.

I first used Mudbox in November 2013 to put more fine detail on to my models and found it a great tool. Now that I have found it I think I will start to use it more.

I learnt RealFlow as part of my dissertation where I looked into fluid dynamics. This topic really interests me massively. I didn't manage to get realistic water effect when doing my dissertation for lack of computing power to complete the simulation but it is something I am really interested in and would like to work on in the future. I have used RealFlow for simulating fluids and ridged bodies.

I have been using Photoshop for the past 6 years first using CS3. Photoshop is the piece of software I use the most for design, image manipulation, creating textures for 3D and web design. As a piece of software I know it very well but I am always learning new tools and effects when try to create the vision I have in my head.

I have used Illustrator for 5 years and use it for designing vector logos and images for use in websites, motion graphics or 3D modelling. I find Illustrator the best tool for the jobs I need to do.

I have been working in After Effects for 4 years using it for motion graphics, compositing and colour grading. After Effects is a tool that I'm always using to solve problems with. When I have an idea I usually use After Effects to help me find the solution. To make the idea a reality. I am always learning new ways to use the software and ways it can help me.

I first used Premiere SC3 but at that time preferred to use FCP over time I have moved back towards using it more because I was able to use native codec to my DSLR camera. Being able to connect straight across to After Effects comps and have changes automatically update in the time line is great for speeding up my workflow when editing.

I first used Final Cut Pro in 2009 cutting together short canoeing, Kite surfing and Mountain Biking videos. When I went to university it was the software of choice. I used it extensively for editing multi cam studio shoots and short films. I still use it occasionally for some projects.